January 19, 2021

10K followers on TikTok

Global Sculptor @globalsculptor

We have reached 10,000 followers on TikTok! The most viewed video has more than 375k views.

The U.S. Citizenship test is available on iOS and Android. The app is a study tool to help you prepare for the U.S. citizenship interview.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Production ready!
    We launched our closed beta quite a while ago. And since then we have worked with many developers and business owners to improve our platform and supp
  • February Income Report and Analysis
    Here are my sales numbers and analysis for February SALES Course Sales: $2892 AdSense: $103 Sponsors: $35 Consulting/Training: $283 TOTAL REVENUE: $33
  • Update 131: Expanded positioning
    Happy Monday, Indie Hackers! 1. What we worked on last week and how well did we achieve our goals? ✅ 1 sales call 🆗 Expanded positioning to target st
  • Welcome Onboard Users
    Excited to announce that we have got new users in lagandlog.com, making improvements in the application user flow based on user feedback. Looking forw
  • 100 weeks planned on theLIFEBOARD
    Yesterday a user created the 100 week on theLIFEBOARD. This means almost two full years of people planning their weeks on our app 🗓 It has taken arou
  • Numbers for February 2021
    Starting this month, I decided to report the numbers for whole months. That is way easier and less sensitive to errors. - Made 1 free product for @tai
  • Migrate to Nuxt SSR
    It was great being online, but the site wasn't doing as well as it could do because it wasn't server-rendered. Very kindly Alex Lichter from the Nuxt
  • Start the development
    In 2016 I built a time-tracking app for android. At that time, I was learning programming and the goal for the app was just to practice the skills. Fo