January 11, 2020

Launched & halted

Dragan Okanovic @abstractalgo

Made a landing page in a two-three weeks time altogether, and deployed a website in couple more hours.

Put some links on reddit, Hacker News, Twitter, said 'Hi' to a few people that work in the area of alternative funding for startups... Not much activity. At the moment I got swamped with other things in life, so decided to postpone any further work on the product.

Big lesson is that I should have contacted the people for who the product was being built for - the freelancers. Contacting them via AngelList, Upwork, 99Designs, Dribble etc, where I could talk with them about their pain points and to test the value hypothesis of Venturly. I could have learned more, but this product was never much in my focus and served me as a side thingy to test a few things.

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