November 20, 2019

11 months of work finally featured on Product Hunt

Volkan Kaya @volkandkaya

We have been working on Versoly for 11 months now.

6+ months was just building the core product. Not great, we planned for 2 months max.

But we was launching into a very competitive space and it needed to be a minimal viable product, which doesn't mean it just works, it means that it can get paying customers.

So after 6 months we had a solid product that worked well, however the UI/UX needed a lot of work. I'm a back-end developer so my design skills are lacking. We spent a lot of time with potential customers and interviewing them. Asking what they would need to buy.

Slowly we started getting paying customers just by posting on Indie Hackers which I think is rare. But I was posting 5+ times a day giving landing page feedback to any SaaS company that posted. That got me #1 on landing page feedback when it existed and people would email asking for advice.

We now having a bunch of paying customers who are very happy with the product and have left us glowing testimonials.

We did a massive update recently to allow anyone to create unique custom designs.

We could have waited another 3 months before launching to Product Hunt we have a huge road map with features requested by paying customers and features we want as we dog food our own product.

However as a bootstrapped company the best goal is to get ramen profitable and hopefully Product Hunt will get us there faster.

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