Made money from affiliates!

A few weeks ago we decided to launch an affiliate program for Versoly our website builder (https://versoly.com/affiliate) because a lot of customers started requesting it. We also saw customers come from word of mouth, so it was a no brainer.

We used Rewardful (https://www.getrewardful.com/?via=volkan) the founders were great and very responsive. It was also affordable compared to other options.

Straight away we got affiliates signing up and sharing with their audiences.

We just got a customer who signed up using an affiliate link and it was an amazing feeling know that others trust our product and are marketing it for us because there are 100s of website builders.

We also signed up a huge affiliate https://www.landingfolio.com/ and they're sending good traffic already. I hope we can deepen the partnership to send more traffic at a higher conversion rate.

We have huge updates coming to Versoly, after that we will go hard and reach out to a lot of affiliates and get them to list our product on their sites.

If you have an audience of founders and/or marketers please sign up to the affiliate program and if you need any help please email.

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    Look good to put in my collection of affiliate programs, AffTable.com!

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        How can your aff program attract affiliates from other site builders' program?

        When my site visitors find that the big players has a stronger branding & resources, it's definitely easier to sell. How can my site help you to stand out?

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          • Monthly recurring commission
          • Product is just better

          What else can i do? :)

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            I am writing a post to share some tips after my research. It will be probably finished by tomorrow.

            Also, I would like to register your program. Please approve me after I fill in my info

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              Should be automatic!

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    Cool to watch your product growth. Cloud please share what tech stack + services have you used at Versoly?

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      React, Go, Python, AWS

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        Thanks for reply.
        How do you manage your Go apps ? Kubernetes or smth else ?

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    Doesn't look like you have updated your Versoly MRR in awhile :)

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    Thanks for sharing, We at Zetamatic.com are also looking for affiliates to grow our business. I'll check it out and if you other similar platforms, please share. Thanks

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    Hey Volkan! Congratulations on your affiliate sales. I owe nearly all of my businesses success to affiliate marketing. My product is for logo designers and I specifically court influencers in the design space. Here are the rules I live by:

    1. Give your affiliates very generous commissions to that they are highly motivated. 20–50%
    2. Make personal contact with your best affiliates and figure out how you can bring value to their audience. This can include live chats, podcast appearances, blog posts, etc.
    3. It's really hard to get conversions from Instagram
    4. Give your product away for free to the bigger affiliates.
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      Good stuff.

      Need to work on 2/4.

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    This is great. I'll be getting into the hosting game and will be looking for affiliates, so this is very timely. Please continue to share your findings, would love to read them.

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      Will do!

      I loved reading this stuff, I also try to share when stuff doesn't work. Something that is lacking.

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    @volkandkaya congrats on the success!

    I've been in the affiliate marketing space the last 8 years and have some tips:

    1. What will really entice new affiliates is telling them what kind of EPC, eCPM they can expect from running your banners/ads on their sites

    2. Identify the channels where your affiliates will be running traffic and design landing pages/campaigns to match.

    Real simple example: If an affiliate is promoting on mobile, make sure your landing page is mobile-optimized, top of the fold

    1. Run split-tests on the traffic your affiliates are sending (I like VVWO.com), this will increase the amount of money you both make

    Drop me a line if I can be of more help: [email protected]

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    Thanks for sharing @volkandkaya. Can you share your views on Life Time Deals? Is it worth give it a shot? Would there be any downside with it?

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      For us it is a huge ticking time bomb.

      For SaaS companies that don't do hosting it is a great way to build a base of fans.

      For your company i would 100% look at it and see what type of deal you can get.

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        Thank you Volkan. Appreciate your inputs.

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    Have you done marketing for the affiliate program or uploaded it some affiliate marketing program directories?

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      No any good directories you recommend?

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    Smart move with Landingfolio 👏 Are you planning to collaborate with other LP inspiration pages too?

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      Instantly reached out to a few players but didn't work out as well as I hoped.

      Affiliate programs are a weird one, if they have built trust with their audience they need to trust your product.

      So I will grind for a few more months, do some launches on PH and hope that builds more trust.

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    Happy to help out! 🙏🏻

    5% click to signup conversion rate atm, no bad at all!!!

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      Usually takes a few weeks to convert to paid customers.

      So will be interesting to see visitor to paid :)

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    This is awesome news. I imagine having an affiliate program means you end up on more "top site builders" type articles which eventually also help with SEO. Great work 🙌🏼

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      100% just got to go put the work in to get on them lists.

    1. 1

      Thanks! Been wanting to do it for a while.

      But I have seen many IHs do it and get 0 results. So I waited till we had customers asking for it.

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    Great work. Will check out your program as might have an idea of how to include in one of my newsletters.

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      Sounds good. If you need any help let me know!

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    Congrats. So where did the first affiliates come from? Were they your customers who asked for an affiliate program, or did Rewardful use its network to build affiliates for you?

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      From our customer base.

      After posting on IHs a few weeks ago we got random people signing up which was nice.

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