May 6, 2020

Made money from affiliates!

Volkan Kaya @volkandkaya

A few weeks ago we decided to launch an affiliate program for Versoly our website builder ( because a lot of customers started requesting it. We also saw customers come from word of mouth, so it was a no brainer.

We used Rewardful ( the founders were great and very responsive. It was also affordable compared to other options.

Straight away we got affiliates signing up and sharing with their audiences.

We just got a customer who signed up using an affiliate link and it was an amazing feeling know that others trust our product and are marketing it for us because there are 100s of website builders.

We also signed up a huge affiliate and they're sending good traffic already. I hope we can deepen the partnership to send more traffic at a higher conversion rate.

We have huge updates coming to Versoly, after that we will go hard and reach out to a lot of affiliates and get them to list our product on their sites.

If you have an audience of founders and/or marketers please sign up to the affiliate program and if you need any help please email.

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