October 18, 2019

First $1000 in revenue

Jack Barham @jackbarham

Vibecast generated £826.10 (approx. $1060,00 USD). I'm keeping all my revenue in Stripe until I've hit an amount that I feel is a good start to activate the Vibecast Ltd business account.

Revenue is collected as monthly or yearly plans with a total of 15 subscribers:

  • Monthly $8 (7 subscribers)
  • Yearly $72 (8 subscribers)

Subscriptions started in August, but the majority came on board in the last few months. I've had zero subscriptions cancelled, and two have switched to yearly from monthly (it's three months free).

I'm also predicting new subscribers over the next 10 days, as those that are still on the 30-day free trial around 10-15 of them have created a full website and presumably will continue with a subscription.

I'm not sure how to post a picture on here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sx9m4trqa3172qr/revenue-1000.png

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    Very nice product! Awesome job:) What did you use to make the app multi-tenant? Is it a laravel package? Thanks

    1. 1

      Thanks. Yes, a few Laravel apps and a couple of Vue.js SPAs too. You read more on the stack here https://www.reddit.com/r/DJs/comments/d90s0u/ive_created_a_website_builder_designed_for_djs/f1e0cla/

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    Nice job!

    I had a look at the product and it looks sleek! How are you advertising?

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      Thank you! It's been a combination of Facebook Ads, PR, using my friends in the industry and posting on forums like Reddit.

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    Congrats @jackbarham on the milestone.

    Out of curiosity, in this day and age of social media like Facebook,Instagram and also sites like Spotify how have you been able to convince DJ's the need for a website? Considering the fact that website is likely to drive the lowest traffic for DJ's .

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      That's precisely why Vibecast is popular. When a DJ (or anyone) has multiple social media profiles, your message, as an artist, is lost. Your images are on Instagram, your videos on YouTube, your mixes on Soundcloud or Mixcloud, more pictures on Facebook. When a DJ has fans following them, or they need to get their message to a promoter, it's best to have all your content imported into a website under your domain name.

      Also, when you send one of your fans to a post on Facebook, or a track on Soundcloud, you have immediately lost their attention to notification or recommendations. When everything is imported into your own website that user will see your gallery, listen to your mix and check out your gigs all in one place without any interruptions.

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        Hey Jack, I totally agree with your points. It's important DJ's see the clear long term importance of having a website.