November 7, 2019

First partnership with London Sound Academy

Jack Barham @jackbarham

I've secured Vibecast's first partnership with London Sound Academy (LSA), a DJ and Production course based in London and other cities in the UK.

Vibecast offers a free one year account (DJ or Producer website) for anyone who graduates from an LSA Advanced or Elite three-day course.

In return, LSA has a paragraph about Vibecast with a link back to our website in each course page, explaining what Vibecast is, and that it's free when finishing a course.

This partnership is fantastic for exposure, links, SEO and overall acknowledgement and legitimacy for Vibecast. DJs searching for a course (they are top of Google searches for DJ courses locally) might not buy one from LSA, will still see Vibecast mentioned in a good light.

Also, they've done a great job pushing us across their socials as we have the same users, and we mutually benefit each other.

On top of all that, we'll periodically give them free accounts to give away in competitions, and they give us free courses to do the same. Also, we'll run joint competitions for DJ sets at Ministry of Sound, Printworks, The Egg and other major London nightclubs.

It's amazing such an established brand has this much faith in Vibecast, and they will recommend Vibecast as part of their advanced courses on promoting yourself.

Now that LSA is confirmed, we're looking for more partnerships with similar schools in other major cities across the world. We're also looking to partner with online DJ equipment retailers too.

Fingers crossed this will be the marketing we need without having a marketing budget.

Read the announcement:

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