My 3rd microstartup to cross $50,000

Finally, after almost 18 months, visalist has achieved a new milestone, crossed $50K in total revenue. This is also when the revenue started to pick up slowly with a 15% increase from last month.

New milestones:
👀 10M pageviews
👥 4.4M users
💸 $50k revenue

This is my 3rd microstartup to cross $50K mark!


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    Dang it man you make it look so easy. What does your process look like?

    • how do you pick a problem to solve?
    • how do you communicate with users?
    • what is your marketing plan like?
    • what is your tech stack?
    • what do you optimize for?
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      Wow so many questions. I'm compiling a twitter thread with details of all the questions. I will post it soon!

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        Congrats! And looking forward to the update.

      2. 1

        Would like to know too. And will wait for that twitter update.

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          Can I have the link to your twitter thread?

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    Amazing! Congratulations!

  3. 3

    Congrats! btw, scroll on graphs? really? that sucks :P

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    Nice goal to achieve, congratulations!

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    I really love what he does. Congrats.

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    Are you working on all 3 alone?

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    Site looks good. When looking at travel from the UK I might have spotted an issue though - it says UK → Canada is visa free but you need to have an electronic travel authorisation to travel to Canada. Wouldn't that put it into the E-visa category?

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    Congratulations! That's some fantastic work!

    Got a few questions:

    • How are you monetising the website? Is it Google Ads, affiliate links or something else?
    • How did you get those big publications to write about you?
    • Where is the majority of your traffic coming from? Is it the publications, search engine rankings or are you buying ads?
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      #1 Partnerships, subscription and ads
      #2 No but got picked up by many big publications
      #3 SEO, i have never paid for any ads

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