December 15, 2019

We integrated with Unsplash

Andrew Dear @TheThingCreator

We believe software isn't all about functionality and utility. Aesthetics can play a surprisingly large role in what makes us want to use something. It also can play a role in our mood and thought process. This is why we found it to be one of our top priorities to integrate Unsplash into our app once all our core features were built.

In case you're unfamiliar with them, Unsplash is one of the largest royalty-free stock photography websites on the web. They require photographers who wish to share their images with the world to upload only super high-quality images with no watermarks. They have so many photographers that their database is huge, filled with stunning images that you are free to use as you please.

Unsplash actually also has a really cool API that is easy to integrate with. It provides the ability to search their entire database for images without restrictions besides a very large daily search cap that we are nowhere near close to. The actual integration part took us about a week to do, most of the time being spent creating the UI on our end.

After the integration was complete we took another week or so adding in some extra features to alter the look of our UI with a feature called mix-blend-mode which lets you change how the colors of our UI and the background images mix. We were very happy with the end result, leaving lots of room for creativity.

We are proud to have taken the aesthetics of our software seriously by providing plenty of ability to customize the look. This may not directly translate to profit for us but at the end of the day our software has become a lot better looking.