October 23, 2019

First explainer videos published

Marco @mxbe

Today I have recorded and published my first two explainer videos in English and German for the WebsiteTools.

They are just two short one minute videos to give a rough explanation what the WebsiteTools are. I decided to do many short videos instead of long videos because there are lots of moving parts at the moment and this way updating the videos is simpler.

I have planned to try to work with video for quite a while but never really executed my plans.

I have recorded some short demonstration videos for the Sitemap Generator and Link Checker without voice last year, but yeah, videos without sound are not so great :-)

English speaking was a bit of a blocker. I communicate in written English on a daily basis, but rarely speak and am not a native English speaker and not great at pronunciation either.

The result is not perfect, but I'm happy with the result and recording the videos was quite fun, much more fun than expected.

For recording I used the OBS Studio (https://obsproject.com/).

The videos are available on my website:

https://www.marcobeierer.com/tools/website-tools (English)
https://www.marcobeierer.ch/produkte/website-tools (German)

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