September 30, 2019

Launched our first ebook

Greg Goodson @albertfortknight

Feels good to start pushing out our first ebook 'The Complete Guide to the Ten Different Types of Clouds and How to Identify Them':

Took about two solid weeks to put together. A lot of the content has been repurposed from our website, but the thought is a lot of people would like to have a downloadable guide versus browsing our site.

There is also a bunch of new content in the guide as well. All in all the ebook is 84 pages and includes 40+ photographs and 100+ illustrations, all of which were taken and created by us.

It's the first ebook I've done in years and it was built and designed in Sketch. My goals with it is to provide a valuable piece of content to our readers and help grow our mailing list.

Happy cloudspotting! ⛅️

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