January 1, 2020

Relaunched site - now using DarkSky API

Tom KP @tomkp

The original site pulled weather data from the BBC using yahoo (I think). At some point this feed stopped working and the site went through a period of neglect.

I decided to rebuild the site using the DarkSky API - and a more modern tech stack. So I swapped out the old Java and JSPs for React, TypeScript, NextJS and Styled Components. I use GitHub actions, and deploy to Zeit.

The site still looks pretty much the same though...


Today's Top Milestones
  • MVD is online
    Just pushed the Minimum Viable Demo. You can find it on https://app.panopticash.com . It's a bit rough on the edges, but it conveys the idea. PanoptiC
  • Released a Freebie & New Logo
    Today while I was trying to figure out how to optimize the list for further expansions. I come up with a quick "analysis": Who changed their twitter b
  • 10 stars in 5 days on GitHub 🤩
    After releasing the first open-source version of Scaffold, 5 days ago, we already have 10 stars on GitHub. Scaffold is a framework to create a complet
  • Submitting to the Chrome Web Store
    In order to make the process of updates and distribution easier, I've opted to make MetaScan a freemium product. So now validations are free to use bu
  • Soft launched on IH
    After building the application and pushing it live, I shared Rentify on IH for some initial feedback on the landing page. I received some good feedbac
  • Chose the idea
    I first gained the idea for Rentify from Kevin Conti’s software ideas newsletter. As a non- ideas man myself, it was great to have a well thought out