December 9, 2019

Book published

Buster Benson @buster

It was published with Portfolio, an imprint at Penguin Random House. It can be purchased at any book store. Here's a link to Amazon:

The full timeline of the book's progress is here:

The book's primary market is anyone who feels like they are stuck having unproductive disagreements in any part of their life.

It walks through "8 things to try":

  1. Watch how anxiety sparks
  2. Talk to your internal voices
  3. Develop honest bias
  4. Speak for yourself
  5. Ask questions that inspire surprising answers
  6. Build arguments together
  7. Cultivate neutral spaces
  8. Accept reality, then participate in it

There are bonus materials available if you buy the book and email the receipt to "[email protected]" including downloadable reference guides for developing honest bias and guidelines for productive disagreement, a couple cognitive bias cheat sheet desktop wallpapers, and a code to get a few free months on

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