Finished MVP

It took a bit more than 2 months, but we're finally done building the minimum viable product for willgo. We coded the whole thing in Ruby on Rails since that's that we're the most comfortable with. In hindsight, there were a few features we built that probably could've waited until later. But we're excited to start talking to users and see what they think about the product so far!

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    Looks cool! But personally, I won't sign up until I know what this product can do... I would definitely improve this if I were you

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      Hey, CommonGuy! Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it. The website is updated! :)

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    The idea of an MVP is to get it out there - THAT is what you have done. Well done! Too many people refine and refine and never launch. I like what I think it the idea here and I think it has real promise. You just need to communicate that clearly on your home page. Keep playing with the message and listening to people. Well done

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