January 18, 2020

Released Huge v2 Upgrade

Ben Latz @benlatz

We essentially rebuilt the application to accomplish the following:

  1. Rails 4 --> Rails 5 (Rough!)
  2. Vue.js frontend, pushed calculations to Vue, and refactored Rails controllers/dataflow to drastically improve performance and user experience.
  3. Bootstrap --> TailwindCSS for better custom design and maintainability. This was so tedious, as it was the first time using Tailwind, but so worth it!
  4. Yearly Plan and Stripe management panel in Settings to improve cash flow, reduce churn, and reduce customer support touch for billing (reactivations and cancellations mainly).

This really matured the product, as the first version was pretty clunky being full Rails with page refreshes, etc., so it noticeably kicked up word of mouth.

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