May 6, 2019

MVP done: sharing product development stats

kirobaito @kirobaito

Context: is a very simple "product" that I built for myself. The only thing it does is show one randomly generated meditation script every day. I use it as a part of my daily meditation routine.

Tech: It is a static website, hosted on Netlify. The content is randomly generated during deployment, which happens whenever I update the site or once per day via Zapier.

Dollar costs:

  • $12 for the domain name on Hover
  • $40 for the icons (The Noun Project Pro subscription, amortized thru other side projects)

Time investment breakdown:

  • [35%] 5.5 hours on core business logic (Python, text generation, templates etc)
  • [30%] 4.75 hours on design (CSS, graphics etc)
  • [12%] 2 hours on site coding (HTML etc)
  • [10%] 1.5 hours on site infrastructure (learn Netlify, build script, DNS etc)
  • [10%] 1.5 hours on static site content ("About" page etc)
  • [3%] 0.5 hours on general research (meditation scripts, book links etc)

Total active time spent on MVP: 15.75 hours, mostly nights and weekends in April 2019.

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    Congrats, I love seeing people having finished what I imagine to be a section to a long marathon. Gets me motivated to keep hacking. Plus really beautiful minimalist UI and nice readable typography. <3

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      I've been working on enough long never-ending ever-evolving projects in other parts of my life that having something constrained and well-defined that I could actually "finish" felt invigorating. Keep hacking!