October 7, 2019

Design tweaks and added to IH ๐ŸŽ‰

Andrei Josan @josan

This side project is a great way for me iterate, test, build and improve while, most importantly, learning a lot.

In the last months working on it, I've learned Jekyll, HTML & SCSS, a bit of SEO, coding best practices, page speed optimization and lots, lots more. Things I wouldn't have thought I'd be getting my hands into. I'm a designer, not a developer, yet I've created a mini grid system, learned to do version control with GitHub, host on Netlify and even connected a gorgeous visual CMS for all content via Forestry. Also, โค๏ธ Jekyll once more.

I guess having a side project you love working on is a great way of getting out of your comfort zone. Even if it doesn't get millions of views and thousands in revenue.


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