August 13, 2019

Added a new dedicated plan

Mehdi Benchalal @MehdiBmm

I added a new dedicated plan.

Basically, for $2900/month, we take a dedicated server with 64 GB RAM, 450 GB SSD Space (for the websites) and 1 Gbps uplink and host up to 10 WordPress installs for the customer.

It's great because it saves him the hassle of managing the dedicated server himself so we take care of everything related to the technical side of the server and the WordPress websites on hosted on it (that is Security, Updates and Performance). It also gives him the best option for faster websites.

The plan comes with unlimited bandwidth as always, great for websites receiving +1M visits per month. A similar plan with Kinsta or WPEngine would certainly cost +$2000 and I am sure they won't have a dedicated server for anyone at that price or even match our offer.

On top of that, we offer 5000 GB worth of CDN (split among the websites hosted) using KeyCDN. I am sure this plan will kickass but looking at the price, WPNoise has to build a reputation first.

What do you think?

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