September 2, 2019

Five paid customers

Matt Sencenbaugh @msencenb

Twelve months ago I started focusing on club wrestling teams, in addition to high school & college. I invoiced my fifth club team today, bringing my total customer count to 5 and MRR up to $200. This was much needed validation, as one of these customers came to me blind from Google and not from my existing network (the other 4 did).

Not all roses though. In the sports world sales cycles are cyclical - all five of these teams wanted to launch registration within a week of each other which means I've been crushed work wise and feeling tired. Because of my initial pricing, I essentially offered fairly custom websites for each of these teams which contributed extra. All this to say that my initial instinct of not building a lot of UI for these features was good - it allowed me to get these customers by offering features without fully building them. But now that it is more validated, I absolutely need to go backfill them so the service can become at least 80% self service to get a team up and running. Looking forward to building that out so I can focus a lot more on selling!

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