October 18, 2019

15 days in to the launch


Exactly 14 days ago YOLOrekt made its maiden launch, quietly pulling back the curtains at ETH Berlin and taking the critical step from Rinkeby to Mainnet.

Here are the numbers:
1398 visitors, spending an average of 5:30 minutes
168 DAUs
115 wallets created
Over $50,000 Betting Volume ( Bots + Users)
5,597,583 method calls within the first 24 hours


Today's Top Milestones
  • Syften monitors Upwork - steal freelancers' jobs
    Recently I was chatting with Reilly Chase about finding customers by monitoring online communities. He suggested that it’s a good idea to monitor Upwo
  • Versoly 2.0 launched on Product Hunt
    Finally launching 2.0 of Versoly! Not sure about you but I always delay Product Hunt launches, I want them to be perfect. I create a list of todos for
  • I've released the very first alpha version!
    Yesterday I released the very first alpha version to the 10 alpha testers. We have a dedicated Slack I've started a week or so ago. So far, 4 people h
  • 2K in sales in the first week of early access!
    After many hours of work, it was finally time to give people access to my new project, a SaaS boilerplate. In the first 5 days of early access, I almo