September 20, 2019

Found a great partner non-profit

Simo Elalj @simoelalj

I had a way to raise money with Gabi the Goat so now all I needed was a way to use the money to help the girls get the education they deserve.

My background is around tech and marketing, but not much on the operational side. I wanted to operate as a fund raiser for an existing non-profit that would wisely the money to provider better education.

This is where Education For All Morocco ( comes in. EFA Morocco is a non-profit that builds and runs boarding houses for girls who want to continue their education.

The boarding houses allow the girls to live closer to school and everything is provided to them for free so money is no longer an issue.

I went to Atlas mountain chain to visit the boarding school that were operated by this non-profit and it stroke me to see the sparkles and motivation of these girls to learn and fulfill their dreams of succeeding!

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