September 9, 2019

Stumbled upon a great lead generator

Lizzy Trelstad @LT_Beaker

I built Beaker's Retail Therapist MVP as a favor to friends who kept asking me which chemicals are doing what in skincare products. The link got passed around organically. Turns out I accidentally made a great (free!) lead generator.

(I had turned on the Glide feature to require email log-in. Great decision that I thought arbitrary, even annoying, at the time--this was supposed to be only for trusted friends.)

Tbh, I was embarrassed to put out a simple directory app; to me it was hardly innovative compared to what already exists in the Beauty Tech & Information space.

But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this freemium app is now the best producing source of email sign-ups, and sends to my site the users with the longest session duration time and most pages visited.

A great lesson in "giving the people what they want!" (And then getting a captive audience with which you can test more innovative ideas and products.)

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