PoC Website Public!

Started in Nov 2020 as a sideline project, today the PoC website is live built on Wordpress! I am a (very) basic coder but for a product of this order most functionality is possible without needing to write too much, at least for now. I will be building out the site over the coming months but directionally Zadingo is a vertically-focused talent marketplace with a productized, subscription based offering for online businesses who need help with their payments.

The thesis goes that all mega online businesses have dedicated payments management but the same does not apply at lesser scale (<$100M sales p/a), even though the problem of payments revenue loss is proportional to all. The problem for smaller online businesses payments is access to expertize without having to internalize resources (at cost).

The target market (>$1M sales p/a) will be above most (early!) Indie Hackers but the problems of accepting payments is common to all! All feedback from the community is very much appreciated.

For any payments/fintech Indie HackersI am very interested in helping your projects. I have worked in the industry for a long time in many countries so here to help very willingly if I can.

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