$500 in sales after 2.5 months for TailwindCSS lib

It took 2 months and 10 day after beta release of Zukoni UI library to reach $500 in sales. While that is not a significant number in terms of money but as a indie hacker this milestones is very important for future. When I started this I had no idea what to expect or whether it is a good idea to pursue this leaving the job market. But now I've my answer and I know if I can play my cards right then this can be a way to my successful indie hacker journey.

I'm excited about the future of Zukoni as I'm working on some exciting stuff. Currently building an visual editor to build website using zukoni components or any other user provided components. Also started to publish some interactive examples of building components with TainwindCSS.

P.S: There is a sale going on right now. Grab your copy before it runs out.

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    Congrats on reaching the milestone. I bought a yearly right now!

    Is the site a custom build or did you use any existing tools?

    1. 1

      Thanks for the purchase. Yes, the site is custom built using TALL stack

    1. 1

      Thanks! Glad to see another indie hacker from BD

      1. 1

        You are welcome..Same here . Already followed you on Twitter..

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