$100K/mo from 4 Shopify apps solo (not me 😋)

I came across this tweet today:

Björn Forsberg is a solo founder who has been developing Shopify apps for over 8 years. He just reached $100K per month!

What's interesting 3 out of his 4 apps are one-time payment.

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    Also, interesting that it seems to have been a 5 year journey, indie hackers need to remember that.

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      Definitely, it's a marathon. You can see 5 years on the chart, but he talks about 8 years:

      Crazy that it took 8 years to get to $50k/month and only 6 months to double it.

      Another observation is that if you look at 2015 it was only maybe 3 or 4K per month. That's not a lot considering 3 years in.

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        I suppose its easy to overlook that he may have been holding up a full time job for those 3 years. So in that instance an extra 3-4k a month is amazing.

        Obviously, I don't know that, but a lot of us are doing this as a sideline until the money makes sense as we have families we need to feed and cloth.

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          Totally agree! I also have a family to feed. I've been developing a Shopify app on the side for over 2.5 years. It's just 2 weeks ago when I quit my day job. I could afford it only because I reached 1.5K/month and built up some savings.

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    Related: If anyone is looking to build a Shopify app in 2021, I've written an extensive guide on making money building Shopify micro-SaaS apps that might be helpful!

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    Interesting, but it looks like an extreme outlier though: https://www.indiehackers.com/@dbrereton/shopify-app-store-analysis-18218cbcb2

    Shopify grew by a factor of 2x since then, so I'd guesstimate the median app monthly revenue to be around $400.

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    Bjorn is awesome, I recommend following him on twitter.

    Related, if anyone is interested in learning what goes into building and running a Shopify App, I am launching a course on it.


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