2 Million Words... and Counting.

At some point in 2020 I crossed over 2,000,000 words published on this blog with over 8,000 posts published; at least publicly.

This is a meaningless statistic at this point in time but it is fun to think about. At some point — and I’ve said this 1,000 times — I’ll have to move over some of my OG content via the XANGA days to have a more complete archive.


Just like my most-read issue from my growing newsletter (YEN.FM), here are the most visited / read posts on my personal blog:

  1. It’s Coming: COVID-19
  2. Shaun King
  3. Scariest of Days
  4. The Emotional Journey is Inevitable
  5. Marriage Counseling Notes // 15 Years
  6. 10 Books that I Keep (and Why)
  7. Enneagram: 4w3
  8. Vlogging the Startup for a Year
  9. 1,000 Profitable Communities in 2021
  10. Watch Me: Landing Page from React to WordPress

A few bonus posts that were almost in the Top 10:

  1. 22 New Tax Laws
  2. Dear Lord: Deliver Me from Christian Startups
  3. On Building Dreams
  4. Star Wars: Zoom Backgrounds

What a year. How about you?

  1. 2

    That's impressive. Have you considered spinning off some of that content as info products like ebooks?

    1. 1

      i've done that for years. it's boring. you can make a ton of money.

      i've done... 8-9 ebooks. i could make 100... but, i'm focusing on building a b2b saas / commsaas right now.

      1. 2

        Well, that's an interesting way of being boring 😀 Best of luck for your SaaS projects.

        1. 1


          i have tons of tips on doing ebooks. they are soooooo easy. and you can make so much money.

          i literally wrote this for you:


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