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30 Stars ✨ on my Github repository in 1 week!

Hey Indiehackers! 👋

I recently posted about how I made an Emoji Search Tool with ReactJS on Indiehackers and now it has gotten lots of traction in the past few days.

💻 View the demo here: https://braydentw.github.io/react-emoji-search/

👨‍💻 Check out the repo: https://github.com/BraydenTW/react-emoji-search

As of now, the repository has reached 30 stars and 7 forks! 🤩

This is a huge milestone for my open-source journey because before this happened, I rarely had anyone checking out my projects but since I posted about it on IH, Dev.to, and HackerNews, I got some decent traction that I'm proud about. 🏆

Celebrate gif

If you haven't seen the previous post, be sure to check it out and give the repository a ⭐: https://github.com/BraydenTW/react-emoji-search

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