After learning React for a week I made an emoji-searcher tool 🔍😎

Hi everyone!

About a week ago I posted about a CRM tool that I made with React after learning the framework for 24 hours. The final app turned out to be pretty cool and I got tons of feedback and compliments from you all. 🙏

But this time I wanted to step it up. 💪

I've been learning ReactJS for about a week now and learned concepts such as:

  • Components
  • Hooks
  • State Management
  • Styling
  • Optimization (kinda 😅)

So this is the final product after a week's worth of practicing.

How did it turn out?

I was looking online for some React project ideas that I can try out on my own. I stumbled across an emoji search-up tool that I thought looked pretty cool.

Fast forward a few days, I finished the design and functionality of the app.

📕 Github Repository: https://github.com/BraydenTW/react-emoji-search

💻 Live Demo: https://braydentw.github.io/react-emoji-search

A ⭐ on the repository is very much appreciated. Thanks :D

Screenshot of app

Any feedback or ideas for what I should try next would be awesome.

Thanks again!

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    Awesome design Brayden! You should seriously try making a UI component library and open sourcing it. It would do great for your reputation and give you something to put on your portfolio. 👍

    1. 1

      Thanks! I will consider doing somehting like that in a week or so. Stay tuned :D

  2. 2

    Nice one mate! That's a great way to learn something new.

    Similarly, a few years back when I was learning Vue.js, I built Emoji Homepage (~200 visits per day for the last year)

    Given that your emoji-search is open-source, it could stick for quite some time. Good luck!

    1. 1

      Thanks! I’ll do my best :)

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    This looks great! Looks like you're making a lot of good progress.

    Quick tip... depending on the situation, I like to destructure my props in my functional components. Helps me see the props/arguments more clearly.

    So instead of:
    function Item(props) { }
    function Item({ id, symbol, title }) { }

    This way, you can also supply default props like so:
    function Item({ id, symbol, title = "No Title" }) { }

    Keep up the great work!

    1. 1

      Thanks for the tip :D

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    Great work! I am wondering if you can share some good resources to learn React and maybe a short roadmap.
    I think you already have some experience with this kind or frameworks that’s Why your learning process was so fast.

    1. 1

      Actually no. This is my first time learning a framework like React or Vue. Any info is helpful. Thanks :D

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    Wow, you are doing a great learning process.

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    Great work mate.

    I noticed on mobile I wasn’t getting any results when searching, turns out it’s because of auto capitalisation on iOS. Where you’re doing your filter you might want to do a .toLowerCase() on your values so it doesn’t matter if the user is using caps or not.

    1. 1

      Also you can't see results when searching on phone because of the keyboard.

    2. 1

      Good idea! I'll be sure to fix that :D

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