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6 Chrome Extensions For An Early Stage Startup Founder

Neb from Plainly @NebojsaS

I am not much of a plugins and extensions guy, but i do have a few of them that save me A LOT of time on a daily basis so i thought it would be a pity not to share them with you.

What are your favorites? I honestly want to hear a few new ones, that are not AdBlock or Grammarly so i can give them a try.

Here is my list:


Loom is simply amazing. This is a tool that i use every day and once you get used to it, it just becomes a part of your business. It's a tool that allows you to record your screen with your webcam (optional) and your automatically uploads it to the cloud and gives you the link to it so you can share it.

It's great when you need to explain something, to record a quick response to a customer, to show your customers how to use your product - the possibilities are endless.

Here is how Loom works

2. LastPass

I'll be honest - the first password manager i used was XPasswords, and naturally, over the year i used it i stored my passwords on there. Then one of my colleagues needed to send me a password and he sent it through LastPass, at first i was pissed that i had to download it and install it but when i did it was freaking worth it.

LastPass is a password manager, it's a tool that helps you generate and store all of your passwords and that's not revolutionary but THE feature that blew my mind off was the password sharing. You can share a password or a login code, or some credentials through LastPass and they can't see them, they can simply autofill a field with LastPass without knowing the password.


Here is how LastPass works

3. MailTrack

This is a first paid tool on this list, the upside is that it's really affordable. Their plan (suitable for most of the early-stage founders) is 5 euro 4.99 €/mo.

MailTrack is a tool that will boost up your e-mail game. It's an e-mail tracker and it will tell you when somebody opened your e-mail, when they clicked on a link inside of it and all of that good stuff. They also provide some metrics, but to be honest i've never used them.

It's a great little tool that will allow you to test subject lines, see when somebody opened your e-mail so you know what should then next one say and so on.

Here is how MailTrack works

4. Email Finder by Snovio

This is a tool that i've been using the shortest on the list. The thing with e-mail finder tools is that you need multiple of them. Sometimes one finder will find an email which the other one won't - so you often have to juggle multiple of these tools.

This one operates on a freemium basis, but a good thing with it is that it has e-mail automation. I know that this might sound a bit strange to a lot of early-stage founders who send their cold emails by hand but if you automate a part of its process it's much easier.

The automation part is fairly easy to use, and their email finder is pretty good and accurate.

Here is how Email Finder by Snovio works

5. StayFocusd

An amazing little tool that will help you block websites that ruin your productivity. It's free and simple to use but it can increase your productivity A LOT.

It's amazing for blocking websites like Reddit, Facebook and other stuff that will distract you from your tasks. It's highly customizable and it has a ton of options so you can make it just the way you want it.

You tell it how many minutes or hours you are allowed on each website and you let it do it's wonders. Trust me, try it out and see for yourself - yeah, you will have a feeling of missing something for a while but after you get used to it it's great.

Here is how StayFocusd works

6. Hunter.IO

Hunter is a very similar tool to tool #4. I mentioned that you should have multiple tools for e-mail finding so this is that second tool.

Hunter is a bit simpler than #4 since it doesn't have the automation part but their e-mail finder is great and it sometimes finds tools that others don't.

It's working on a freemium basis, with 50 searches/month free.

Here is how Hunter.IO works

That's it for the list, can't wait to hear your picks!

All of the product videos were created in Plainly, and they were created in around 5 minutes each, if you wish to create a video like that for your product check out

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