6 projects in 2020: starting now

Why am I doing this?

I know it won't lead to amazing projects but I want to address a few things:

  • Release anxiety - being somewhat afraid of releasing things. Partly due to me not feeling like they're ready and part due to me actually stopping working on them too early.
  • Developing a finishing instinct. I currently lack the ability to get a project done, I just keep adding or tweaking things until I lose interest.
  • Get better at identifying what an MVP is, and deliver on that MVP.

Making this challenge public is simply for me to add a little bit more pressure to release stuff.

What's a project in this context? I'll take it easy. Anything in the lines of:

  • a well-researched blog post
  • code/open-source project
  • website/app, no matter how simple

Wish me luck! I'll post updates regularly.

  1. 2

    You got this! Looking forward to following along

  2. 2

    Enjoy the journey and please reach out if/when you need UI/UX feedback :)

    1. 1

      Will do! Thank you very much!

      1. 2

        Of course!

        If you want I few quick tips on UX to save you rework later, I recently released a free mini-course:


        Each of the five chapters is short and actionable because time is valuable :)

        1. 1

          I've subscribed, having a closer look later.

  3. 2

    Hey ! I wish you luck on your journey :)

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