Advice for startup founders

Here are some of my advice for startup founders

(1) What your pricing says about your product

  • $/seat: every user gets value
  • $/team: The value is for the team not the user
  • Low price : product isn’t that valuable
  • High price: This is a premium product
  • Freemium: Need time to see value

(2) It’s possible to start a company in any sector w/no experience

It’s best to hire someone w/ industry credibility and relevant experience as soon as possible.

(3) In a startup, founders have to basically figure out how to optimize for a relationship that can last for like 10 yrs. and that a crazy thing to do for someone you might only have known for a couple of months or have only known in a work setting

(4) Optimize for revenue.
Early adopters of a product are not prize sensitive. They only care if your product solves their problem

(5) Expand yourself: Read, learn to write, Travel, meet new people, build connections, skills hard things, get out of your comfort zone. We learn by doing

(6) Almost every smart investor has a list of “startup ideas ‘ they would love to fund their on their phone. The common belief is that founders should develop their own ideas, but sometimes many examples prove this wrong

(7) Think twice about building a business on a platform some other company controls. The more popular the platform is, the less compunction they’ll feel about crushing you

If you have any advice or tips to to share too, please do .

We all learn everyday

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    @Sweesh I love your simply take on the pricing model! Pricing is something I'm pondering and have always struggled with. Thanks for breaking it down in a manner that makes it easy to digest!!

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    Thanks for the share, Dennis!

    What's your advice for startup founders that are trying to market/cold outreach during this pandemic?

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