October 9, 2019

Any Android users willing to help a fellow indie hacker?

Hey indie hackers! I recently launched the android version for the logo game. I don't have an android phone though, so I've only been able to test on an emulator. Would anyone be willing to download and give my game a try and tell me if there are any bugs or crashes?


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    Tried it on a Huawei (Honor) 10 running Android 9.


    • Sound not playing after locking phone. How to reproduce: launch the app, play, lock the phone, unlock the phone to continue game, sound is not playing (even my music in the background is lowered)


    • Could you ship the app with a few levels already loaded ? It's weird to me having to download levels on a newly downloaded app.

    • Add a progress bar on top of the app when guessing logos. It would give us an idea of where we are, without the need to go back to the screen level

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    I tried it out on Pixel 2 XL running android 9. Overall very nice, but i had some small issues:

    • Home screen was blank on first run. Switched to settings screen and back to get the levels to display.

    • Landscape view is not an optimal experience, logo text ends up behind the "keyboard" and only 3 columns are displayed on the screen, leaving a lot of blank space on the right hand side.

    • When i tried the reset option in settings the popup said Cancel and Delete. Maybe the options should be Cancel and Reset?

    Hope it's helpful. Keep up the good work!

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      This was super helpful. Thanks for testing and finding these issues!!

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    I gave it a try and it looks good, I had a couple of little quirks. I'm using Google Pixel 2 on Android 10.

    The first problem when I launched the app the first time, I got the screen with the rounded arrows not doing anything and nothing seemed to happen until I clicked load levels and then arrows started to spin and I got the view loaded.

    The second issue was when I then clicked the beginner section icon (the easy peasy), I got a blank view with just the action bar with the title "Easy Peasy") but nothing else and I had to go back and then go back into the easy view for it to list the logos.

    Its a good little game though, surprised how many I recognised :)

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      Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, Looks like I have some fixing to do!

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        No problem, glad to help :)

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    Hello! Just tested it in a Motorola G6 phone on Android 9! The game is really good looking not any issue here, i did not have the audio issue thatt tyler had but my transitions were a bit laggy when switching screens and the animation on winning.

    Keep up the work the game is great!

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      Thanks thomaz! Appreciate the feedback 😊

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    Hey, I gave it a quick test run (~5 minutes) on my Razer Phone 2 running Android 9 Pie. All looks well, no crashes I saw or anything.

    Two requested tweaks:

    • The installed name is "Logo Mobile" - I think "Logo Game" would be better and it would match your Play Store name.

    • I have my phone on vibrate, but your game still played sound when I tapped the letters. Generally games detect whether a phone is set to vibrate or not and auto-mute themselves. At the very least please provide a mute option (if it's there, I did not see it).

    It's a really good looking app, by the way! I hope you have much success with it! :) What did you use to build it?

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      hey tyler, thanks for trying it out and this was incredible feedback!!!!

      I used react-native to build it with a ruby backend (written with roda)

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        Sweet! I hadn't heard of Roda (mainly used Rails and Sinatra myself in the past), that's a cool looking framework.

        Are you happy with React Native so far? I've been considering a few different mobile app frameworks and while React Native seems the most popular, it's hard to tell from the outside what the long-term development experience is like.

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          I used react native a few years ago and upgrades were a nightmare. Ever since they switched to cocopods though it’s been 1000x better. Definitely recommend it now!

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            Okay, cool! Thanks! :)

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    Would you be able to try and buy a used Android phone off Amazon? I bought an old refurbished Pixel when I started working on my Android app and it's been well worth the cost. You could probably find something cheaper, but I paid around $100 I think.

    You don't need the newest or best phone - though it should be able to run the latest Android version.

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      One of my goals is to reach profit on the app, so I'm trying to keep my costs very low for this project. So far I've made $5 (ad revenue) / $(125 app store fee + google play store fee). If I get a lot more android installs, I definitely would buy a refurbished phone

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        Totally understand and you probably have the right approach. The reason why I brought this up is that I spent a lot of time trying to debug on friends' phones - I wasted a lot of time and wish I had just bought a phone from the start 😅