Looking to Partner Up February 16, 2020

Anyone looking to partner up to brainstorming and validate some ideas ?

Chris Wallace @wallywall

Hello all , I’m chris a software engineer living out of San Francisco. I’m looking for a partner to brainstorm and validate ideas in the beauty, travel, music, food, tech space. I’ve tried a few ideas without finishing as it was hard to validate them so looking to partner with some who has some experience validating !

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    I'm looking for equity cofounders for a socially conscious language technology venture. It is a SaaS/API based business model. Please take a look at my venture description and if it sounds interesting feel free to message or email me. Looking at equal equity sharing:




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    Hey Chris, I'm living in Bay Area too as a software engineer, with not much experience validating so also in the same boat as you. Also been trying out some ideas, but like yourself, I found them hard to validate.

    If you are keen for a chat, comment here and I'll send you some details :)

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      Hey yeah let’s link up !

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    Hi Chris. I sent you an email :)

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    hey Chris,
    I own a digital design studio, I could throw in some feedback on the UX side. Send over some info and let's see if anything works out.

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    Hey Chris! Would be happy if you could share your concepts over mail. Will be happy to partner up

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      Sure that sounds awesome just sent you email

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    Hi there. Also looking for partnering up.

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      Hey Garant whats the best way to get in contact with you ?

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    Hey Chris!

    Happy to collaborate. I'm in the same boat.

    I've worked on a couple of consulting assignments in the past and have now gone full time.

    I'm currently working on a Real Estate Broker platform ... demo here http://cheetah.mypad.in/

    Let me know!


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      Awesome just sent you an email from the form on the website

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