Be the voice of Render!

Hi everyone!,

Many of you use Render for your SaaS businesses and hobby projects; you're reading this message on a page served by Render, and we've become the top choice for indie hackers looking for an affordable, modern, and powerful Heroku alternative.

However, most developers in the world still haven't heard of Render!

We're looking for a developer relations engineer to fix this.

The role will involve:

  • Being the voice of Render and growing our community on Stack Overflow/Reddit/HN/dev.to and other watering holes.
  • Building apps and tutorials in multiple languages and frameworks to help developers get online on Render ASAP.
  • Lots of technical writing!

We're looking for engineers with experience doing at least some of the above. If this sounds interesting, email apply@render.com with an example or two of your best technical prose.

Appreciate it!

  1. 3

    I'm not looking for a new gig, but if you need help with the writing, that's what my team does: draft.dev

    PS: for devrel jobs, reach out to Mary Thengvall and Alex Lakatos. They each run popular newsletters where you might be able to get the word out.

  2. 3

    Interesting! Developer here using render, and loving it. Wish i felt more confident in your requirements. Good luck!

  3. 2

    I’m not interested in the gig, but do love Render.
    We had a big spike last night and render didn’t blink. Also a good level of simplicity with the interface.

  4. 2

    Not looking for a job either but I wish you the best of luck. I've been using Render for a couple of months now and I am happy with this decision.

  5. 1

    The big problem with Render is that it's not compatible with GDPR. And Render doesn't even try like Heroku does. The strange thing is that Render has nexus in the EU by operating from Frankfurt (Germany), without seeming to comply with the local laws.
    That makes me questioning their honesty.

  6. 1

    Really feel like I should put songbox onto render. Keep hearing such good things.

    The reason I don't is the Docker requirement. Heroku is just so easy.

    1. 2

      You don't need Docker if you're using one of Render's native environments: Node, Ruby, Python, Go, Elixir, Rust. Regarding the comparison comment below, we're not saying Heroku doesn't have GitHub integration; we're saying you don't need a CLI with Render and our users tell us it's easier to get started.

      FWIW, Heroku presents the CLI as the first step in their own Getting Started docs.

      1. 1

        My app is Laravel so I assume I need docker. I WILL have a play around again tonight as I do find Render very appealing. I also however do find the comment about integrating with GitHub very misleading.

        In Heroku I have a separate dyno for jobs. What’s the equivalent in render? Maybe I should just contact support lol.

        Ps one of the MAJOR things that appeals to me about render is the cron job functionality. In Heroku it’s a pain to do that. You should maybe make more of that in your comparison.

        1. 2

          We don't have a native PHP environment yet, so it makes sense. We also updated the Render vs Heroku page based on your feedback.

          You can run one-off jobs using the web shell, but we're going to introduce a CLI-based solution later this year.

          1. 2

            Really impressed that you made that change based on my feedback. You guys are killing it and I'm a nobody, not even a customer of yours. Very cool that you took the feedback and made a change.


            1. 1

              Thank you! We've come this far because of all the feedback we've received from developers like you. I'm not going to start ignoring good feedback now!

    2. 1

      Also sorry, but this statement on your Heroku Vs Render page is just flat out untrue, and to be honest this makes me question everything else on the page:

      Heroku is easy to use compared to AWS, but our customers tell us Render is even easier. You don’t need a CLI or constant invocations of 'git push --force heroku'. Simply connect your GitHub or GitLab repository on Render’s dashboard and watch every push automatically build and update your app.

      I've been using Heroku for over 3 years and in all that time you could simply connect your Github and any push to Main (or any branch you specify) automatically deploys.

      1. 2

        I personally have found Render to be easier than Heroku to set up, but of course, everyone is different.

        1. 1

          What is your stack?

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