May 1, 2019

Being memorable in business is an asset...

Claire Lew @clairelew

"As a woman of color who leads a tech company, I really enjoy being different from everyone else. It helps. It makes me stand out. I go to a conference and people remember me. When I'm doing business deals, it's easy to remember my name, what I look like, how I came off to the person. If I wanted, I could pay attention to the fact that people ask me a disproportionate amount of the time, 'Oh, what company do you work for?' or 'Who are you with?' when I'm in a room full of CEOs. But I choose not to let it affect me. I just say the truth: 'I run a company.' I find it more constructive and productive to give people the benefit of the doubt, even if their skepticism or underestimation of you is unfairly emphasized. Being memorable in business is an asset. Being memorable in life is an asset. You're more memorable if you're different."⠀

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    Thanks for sharing your most honest thoughts. Didn't think of this! :)