April 16, 2019

Brand development resources?


What resources have you used to develop your company's brand?

I followed the guide outlined here: https://medium.com/startup-grind/the-quick-and-dirty-guide-to-building-your-startup-brand-21834f46740b and found it to be useful. Interested in other resources/strategies for developing a brand on a budget.

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      what a great resource, thank you!

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    As a content marketer, I can't agree with this post more. Storytelling is important, and my bread and butter comes when I've been able to tell a client's story in a way that resonates and aligns with their users' needs. Rather than makers and customers or startups and users, we are all humans first, and I've found the most successful branding to understand that fact. No matter if you're in a B2B or B2C industry, speak to your customers like they are people, because THEY ARE PEOPLE.

    Some general quick-and-dirty places to start:

    • Blog where you share process, product updates, or anything else in a way that helps to establish your voice and your unique selling proposition. What makes you different? What makes you understand your users better than the next company? This shouldn't necessarily be sales copy as much as providing true value to nurture leads and establish yourself as someone to trust.
    • About page! I've been amazed at how many companies don't have one, or don't put enough time into it. This is a natural place for storytelling about the problem that inspired you and how you developed across a solution.
    • A homepage and/or product page that truly empathizes with the user and shows that you understand their problem. It's not just about your product or your story... it's about how your product can improve THEIR story.
    • Awesome design helps brand development too, but that's less in my wheelhouse. :)

    I do like this article as a great branding overview. The "Branding Tips for Small Business" section is particularly useful, IMO: http://bit.ly/2V0Xi1V

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      This is really helpful. Thank you, lauren!

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