Product Development March 8, 2020

Building a SaaS in public —follow my progress

Anthony Diké @antdke

I already feel cringe for sharing on Reddit, Twitter, and HackerNews. So I was hesitant to share here to prevent myself from further feeling that way.

But I feel an obligation to share something I'm doing that's close to my heart.

So I'll power through it.

I'm building a SaaS product and I'm recording my progress in a twitter thread.

I already recorded the first video. In it, I talked about my vision for the product and how I'm documenting the process. Next video will be about UX/Product design.

Hope you enjoy the content. And if you have any feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts 🙏

You can find the tweet thread here.


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    That's really interesting Anthony.

    What challenges do you foresee in putting your development for this so transparently?

    Also curious, do you set yourself a timeline or set expectations on what you will achieve with or without this process? Thanks and wishing you all the very best!

    Cheers, Darren

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      phenomenal questions

      2 main concerns on my mind are:

      • imposter syndrome
      • someone else taking the idea

      ## dealing with the imposter syndrome

      i have a slight fear that i might do something that's like not "standard" and then people will start to poke holes in my approach because I'm not an "expert."

      but then i realize that experts get to being experts by first figuring it out as they go and learning from wrong moves. then i feel fine.

      ## stealing the idea

      not going to act like "i don't care". but if someone were to just take the idea and run with it, then if their execution is good enough then i'd just pay for what they made. if not, i'll continue building my own. i don't see it as a zero sum game.

      i'm scratching my own itch, so i know what "the truth" is. someone could take the idea, build it and miss the point of what i was trying to get at. so i'm not too worried about stealing.

      ## setting a timeline & expectations

      yeah i told myself i'll launch in 2 weeks. i understand that i could potentially take longer so i'm not going to be too hard on myself.

      as far as expectations go, i gotta make $1 first. so i just expect that i'll have to work to make the product appealing enough for someone to press the buy button.

      i didn't expect this much support :) so i'm happy about that.

      hopefully i answered all your questions

      & thanks for the well wishes, darren!

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        Thanks again Anthony for the lengthy answer! I guess with the down market and many issues in the world right now, it’s appropriate to say this, “tough times don’t last, but tough people do”.. just go for it!

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    Awesome, Anthony! Will be following along.

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      thanks rik :)

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    Rock on! Look forward to hearing about the journey.

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      thanks alex!

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    Congrats! The feeling is mutual. I’m doing something pretty similar, but with the prelaunch of an app I’m building. Don’t want to be annoying by posting it here, as I am new here. Not really sure how this community works just yet.

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      I'd say hang around for a while and participate in conversations that you find interesting

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    Let's go Tony!

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      tim :)

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    Way to go for having the courage to post it publicly.

    Hoping much success for you!

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      thanks man! was definitely nervous to share but seems like people are interested in following along which is cool

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    Very cool, look forward to following along. I was actually interested in building something very similar (social proof widget) so I’m excited to see how you a.) engineer it and b.) differentiate it.

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      yeah I think there's definitely room for improvement in the space

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    This is awesome man! Will follow along.

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      Thanks Gabe!