November 20, 2020

Challenge: Describe what your startup does in 3 words!

Stas Kulesh @karmabot

We've done this exercise before and it worked really well.

Lots of awesome people got their creative thinking going and shared tons of simple yet powerful one-liners describing their products.

The notion is that:

"You need to be able to say what your startup does in 2-4 words. No one has the time or attention span for an elevator pitch anymore." –

Let me try this with Karma

Which one do you like the most?
A) Karma: peer appreciation on chats
B) Karma: true team bonding
C) Karma: team bonding on chats
D) Karma: praise your team

Which one would you pick/suggest?

Please do share your products and one-liners!

  1. 5

    How long until?


    My product is absolutely bonkers I know

    1. 2

      It is a fun product

  2. 4

    Promote - Grow through partnership

  3. 2


    "Private website analytics"

    "Grow your website"

    "Ditch Google Analytics"?

    Not very creative this late in the night 😂

    1. 1

      "Private website analytics" works the best for me.

    1. 1

      What kind of business? What kind of automation? Why platform? Can it be a tiny tad more specific?

    1. 1

      This comment was deleted 4 days ago.

    1. 1

      Not really sure what it does. How does that work?

        1. 1

          'Deep relationships through gifts'

            1. 1

              'Through' is not a word :) haha

              'Give, make friends'

  4. 1

    ThreeDee -> Lovely 3D illustrations

    1. 1

      Looks good to me. Thanks :)

  5. 1

    Early days for me so...

    F**k knows yet.

    1. 1

      "F**k knows yet"

      Works for me. Honest and straightforward.

  6. 1

    Newsletter cross-promotions.

    1. 1

      I think it could be more specific. Most of the tools (if not all) are saving $ via saving time in one way or another. Perhaps you could include another work to describe how the time could be saved while designing via your tool.

      1. 2

        You're not wrong, although efficiency is where my focus is: customizable graphics that you can deploy right into web design projects.

        Maybe: Click-and-paste graphics.

    1. 1

      'App fatigue remedy'

    1. 1

      'Get into the flow'

  7. 1

    Online sprint retrospectives

  8. 1

    Chromabill: Personalized Financial Wellness

    I like C the best for Karma!

    1. 1


      'Financial heal plan'
      'Financial wellbeing'

    1. 2

      ProductHunt time machine

        1. 1

          ProductHunt Library
          Searchable ProductHunt
          Historical ProductHunt
          ProductHunt Treasury !!

          1. 2

            Treasury sounds charming 🤔
            I was looking for a name for domains that I gathered from ProductHunt. That might work for it. Thanks.

            1. 1

              Product Hunt loves PH-related products.

  9. 1

    SongBox: Share Music Privately

  10. 1

    "SMS" Text Marketing

    1. 1

      Could it be just “SMS marketing”? or “SMS marketing done right”?

  11. 1

    Resell clothing faster

    1. 1

      I’ve never done it. How fast is fast? How much faster should it be?

      1. 1

        At least 50% faster. We'll cross post on up to 3 different platforms based on your single listing. We also have tools that saves item information (photos, description, price) which are crucial to making resale listing. Do you have something you want to get rid of that I can help you with?

        1. 2

          Resell clothing 2x faster
          100% faster clothing resell
          Old clothing — sold!

          1. 2

            Wow, these ARE better. Thank you!

  12. 1

    Create Charts Easily

    1. 1

      Is it difficult now? Can you include the actual metric that defines the ease in the slogan? “Create carts 10x faster”, “Lightning-fast chart-building”, “The fastest charts ever”.

    1. 1

      Actionable insights on trends.

  13. 1

    frictionless recruitment.

  14. 1

    From list to community -

    I believe D is your best option as it answers the "why".

    1. 2

      Google seems rather fast :) Wikipedia’s search is not too slow. Can you be more specific?

      1. 1

        Internal company knowledge** ;)

  15. 1

    Haha, luckily the name of my product is 3 words: Chrome Extension Kit

    1. 1

      Faaaaaast seems a bit looooong :)

      1. 1

        loooool :D
        The original is "Edit videos 5x+ faster than before!" :P

    1. 1

      Fun burping? That does not sound right :)

    1. 1

      Websites without coding

  16. 1

    cocaine for engineers

    1. 1

      Which npm package is that?

  17. 1

    Optimally balanced meal plans

    1. 2

      Why not just “balanced meal plans”?

      1. 1

        Sure why not haha. The optimal part just gets me going I guess

        1. 1

          In my head, optimal sounds pretty much like balanced, I guess.

    1. 1

      “Web performance” sounds a bit generic, can you be more specific?

      1. 1

        Thanks, what about - "Webpage loading visualization"?

        1. 2

          Now you've got my attention!

  18. 1

    @karmabot That's an amazing landing page 🎉 I like B for your project.

    Here's mine:
    Hometab — Remote team alignment

    However, I'd like to be able to come up with something more creative!

    1. 1

      Thanks. Are they misaligned?

      We’ve been using “streamline your team...” slogan for some time and dropped it after a customer asked a similar question: “why do you presuppose that my processes are not streamlined?”

  19. 1 inspiration for masters

    I like B

    1. 1

      Thanks. I think “masters” is a delicate word that should be used with care. Can it be “thinkers”, “pros”, “visionaries”?

      1. 1

        you're right but I don't agree LOL
        real describe: inspiration network for designers and developers.

        I guess I failed in the challenge :)

  20. 1

    Boost Website Accessibility

    Product Name : Accessibility Enabler

    1. 1

      What can I use them for?

      1. 1

        For your SaaS or app landing page

  21. 1

    Post house reviews.

      1. 1

        Read house reviews
        Find house reviews
        Post(publish) house reviews.

        1. 1

          Is it AirBnB-related? Or does it search through reviews on Google Maps?

          'Rated housing'
          'User reviews for housing'
          'Housing user reviews'

          1. 1

            It's actually for the private renting market, so it allows users to add reviews to flats/houses. It's aimed at the huge renting market in the UK (60% of people rent their home).
            It's called so maybe "Rat in landlord" works better :D

            1. 1

              Back in NZ we had a service called 'No Cowboys': it was a directory of trusted tradies. I like your 'rat in landlord' take.

  22. 1

    Find Twitter Threads 🧵

    1. 2

      Google for threads

  23. 1

    Hi Stas!

    A 3-word description of the Under Cloud would be: Make research painless.

    As for a description Karma: Reward team excellence.

    1. 2


      Could it be simpler: 'Painless research'?

  24. 1
    collect and analyze feedback

    I would say B

    1. 1

      Can it tell more about the kind of feedback?

      User feedback analysis?

  25. 1

    SpreadTheWorld: Acquisition channels database

    I love the B!

  26. 1

    Software infrastructure monitoring -

    1. 1

      “Infrastructure” sounds too complicated, can this be improved?

  27. 1

    Portabella - private project management.

    I'll echo another commenter and say B is the best for your product Karma

  28. 1

    I'm about to start a one-liner service for products.
    With what I understand about your tool,I have following lines.

    a) Collaborate,drive results.
    b) Work better,together
    c) Build Great Teams
    d) Get it done,Together

    Does any of these make any sense ?

    1. 1

      Sounds a bit generic to me.

      Text-to-speech that does what exactly?

      Affordable text-to-speech
      Text-to-speech API supercharged
      The fastest text-to-speech
      Stand-alone text-to-speech

  29. 1

    I’m a fan of “B” for your project. Here’s mine in 3 words... - domains for inspiration

    1. 2

      Inspirational domains

      Can it be just 2 words?


      1. 2

        🙌 True! Great suggestion

  30. 1

    @karmabot That landing page is insanely beautiful. A+ job by your team!

    I like D :)

    Wow 3 words is insanely difficult for me for some reason. Need help whittling this down: Affiliate programs for day 1

    RevenueWind (pre-launch :) )

    1. 1

      Build 1-day affiliates

  31. 1

    I like B.

    My project:- :

    Live Q&A Tool


    Q&A with Rapport Building

    1. 2

      Live QA with rapport

    1. 2

      Is it a programming language? Could you use the 3-re word to be more specific?

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback
        French Spanish & German so far

        I think 99 percent will understand it s a human language though I would like to see a progamming language learning solution with a similar approach

        1. 2

          That'd be rad.

          'Learn through conversations'
          'Conversational language learning'
          'Chat to learn a new language'

    1. 2

      Simple weather API?

  32. 1

    MemoryShare - Funerals on Internet

    1. 1

      Shareable funerals
      Share the last memories

  33. 1

    I like B

    I leave you my two projects:

    1. 2


      I like the's one.

  34. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 days ago.

    1. 1


      I like the second one most

  35. 1

    This comment was deleted 5 days ago.

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