Change Management

Today was a crazy Monday. Had an early start with a mentor meeting before a handful of customer interviews. Back-to-back calls revealed some common themes - one being the concept of change management.

This is going to be huge for us.

We're developing a product that is extremely "high-touch" for everyone within an organization and deals with some sensitive topics - performance, feedback, raises, as examples. We'll need to get really good at educating employees and convincing them to adopt a completely new way of doing things. Culture plays a huge role in this.

All of these customer conversations we're having are preparing us to create this content and having these conversations. We're excited to get going...

https://youtu.be/HpKrDdxrkuY 📹

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    That sounds great, I'm envious.

    A few things I've learned about change management and buy-in:

    • communicate the value they'll get early and often.
    • small, iterative changes are actually easier for people to swallow than big changes.
    • make the change easy to adopt and easy to remember.

    There's probably more but from my experience you're bug naysayers can become your best users once they're sold.

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      These are some awesome points - thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to write them up and post them so I can keep them in mind as we continue forward.

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