No-Code November 11, 2019

Create a personal landing page in a few clicks? From the phone? Without coding?

Enchpreneur @hewmax

Hi everyone, is a tool for building micro landing pages.

It allows bloggers, influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and brands to connect with their friends & followers outside of Instagram and other social media in a simple way.

This is our first beta and we will be happy to receive any feedback. Feel free to criticize or praise (we love constructive criticism :)) Or just let us know what you think.

We really hope you enjoy it. Express yourself through these micro landing pages ;)


p.s. there may be some bugs, we know.. for now, this is a beta. We want to improve and remake a lot and in the near future, we will add new cool features such as Custom Forms, Donations, and Payments.

Message us if you have any questions, we always love to chat!

p.s.s. Use the HIHACKERS promo code to activate a Premium subscription for a month.


  1. 3

    wow...gonna try this now :)

    1. 1

      😉, feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

  2. 3

    Hi Maxim,

    I gave your website a try, while I'm waiting for someone to answer to my own question

    On this page: , either none of the links (Quotes, Blog, Wishlist) work or there is no content?

    I'm using Safari v13 on a Mac.

    PS: Congrats on the beta launch. It looks like a micro-tumbler.

    1. 2

      Hi, @morpheus

      Thank's for your feedback! Regarding links, there is no content :)
      These are just templates to show which pages can be made.

  3. 2

    Love your templates ❤