Growth November 19, 2020

Create Once. Distribute Forever.

Darko @zerotousers

I published an article about "powered by" marketing on IndieHackers 2 years ago. It got some traction, but nothing special. Also submitted it on HackerNews, got nothing.

A month ago, I decided to re-publish that article on my Substack. I also submitted it on HackerNews and got on the front page, got picked up by several big SaaS newsletters and got retweeted by a few bigger names + got around 80 new followers.

The lesson: If you've created something once, there's not a definite point in time at which you should stop distributing it. You can distribute it...well, forever.

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    I couldn't agree with this more!!! It's kind of what my saas product is made for tbh!! (Spread -

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      Yeah, your type + those that re-post content every X months on different platforms.

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    That's the nice thing about content. You can re-purpose it (in different formats), re-launch it (on places like HN, etc).

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      Re-launching is the important part. Also, people forget about content in general (the chances someone will remember what you posted 1 year ago are slim).

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    Very well said @zerotousers.

    When I started out with ruttl, I went after this very concept of "powered by". It has been working great at helping me build the brand for my design agency, Brucira

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      Hey Harsh, happy to hear that. Keep up the good work with ruttl/Brucira :)

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