Self Care April 14, 2020

Dear IndieHackers, I thought you might appreciate 20 promo codes for my mental health app (normally $4.99)


My name is John and I'm an indie hacker. I just re-launched my app, Bold, to help people improve their mental health. The app teaches you exercises that change the way you think and behave. All of the science is explained in the app.

Check out the app here:

Please lmk if you consume one of the promo codes and I will remove it from the list asap in order to save everyone else some time :)

Lmk what you think!


Download the app here:

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      Thanks for thinking of me @rosiesherry!

      Great stuff @PrimeQuestion! I can't bring myself to download it right now, but that's zero to do with your idea or with the app. I'm semi-researched on CBT and it seems legit. But right now I simply can't turn to software to address my mental health issues that are largely created by (or at least compounded and amplified by) software. Maybe that's for valid reason, or maybe that's just cognitive dissonance. Not sure.

      I could see really loving using this app in tandem with a therapist, coach, mentor, or community. But using it by myself... well the foundation of my anxiety is an existential angst of feeling alone, disconnected, and unhelpful to society. And even though your app wouldn't ACTUALLY contribute to a worsening of those things directly... the fact that I couldn't get my head past those things would in fact make them true.

      All that said, I believe that this is a wonderful app that will tremendously help people who suffer from different things than me.


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        Hey! I totally understand where you're coming from. No pressure to download it. We all gotta do whats best for ourselves, and i'm just grateful that you took the time to write a kind response. Please don't ever hesitate to message me if you wanna talk about CBT or video games or literally anything! I love chatting with people :)

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          Put your email in your bio and I'll shoot you one :)

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    Hi @PrimeQuestion, I used the promo code - P4LXX9MN73RP

    What made you want to give away the app to the IH community?

    I did my first journal entry and it's quite awesome! It really does use CBT and that's a great model to emphasize. I can actually see myself using this long term and the effects it has even after just one use is pretty amazing. I think the founder community specifically has issues with mental health due to the nature of the work (and there's also COVID-19) so this app is a natural fit for me.

    On privacy, does this app not use a database for entries or at all?

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      Hey! Glad to hear you like it. Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions or feedback!

      The app stores all the user entries locally, so there's a local database but absolutely no user content is stored remotely. Privacy first :)

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    Thank you very much. The app looks awesome. I have used last one in the list.

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    Thanks for this kind gesture! I was actually thinking about you just yesterday after trying out your app a while back.

    How are things with Bold?

    I remember being very impressed with your onboarding process. I imagine you’re fine-tuning a lot about your sales and marketing process.

    Just couldn’t find an update log for Bold on your profile...

    Do share with us!


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      Hey! I just read your email today announcing you were releasing a paid version (soon?). Congrats! I also just made my app pay-to-download on Monday.

      I have been updating my milestones on the Bold app product page :) You can find it here:

      Let's keep in touch! I really like Twig also.

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        Thanks for sharing your link - not sure why I couldn't find it. And yes, I launched my paid version just yesterday and actually got a couple purchases. Just wrote it up on the Twig page!

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    How about you come on aboard as an affiliate with Would love to get into business.

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      This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

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