Landing Page Feedback April 11, 2019

Designers, could you help me?

Michaela @Madamdo

So, I am a software engineer with very limited design skills. I want to ramp up my about page, and did the best I could. But, I can see it can be much better. I just don't know how.

So, I'd love your feedback and actionable suggestions. What should I do differently to make the page look more appealing?

Here it is:

And just so that you can have a laugh, here is what I started with: about/

Thanks a lot for your valuable input!


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    Hi, Michaela. What do you think about this changes?
    I understand that there are too many changes. But maybe you can use something.

    And I think your previous version was great.

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      Wow leonix, this looks awesome. I really like it. Thank you so much for taking the time.

      I am currently using Wordpress and I am not sure how to implement this. I use a theme (that I have customized with some additional CSS -within Wordpress) and the Elementor Plug-in to create the pages. Do you have experiences customizing wordpress sites?

      I feel quite restricted with wordpress, on the other hand, it offers so much just out of the box that I do not want to change now.

      I built another site using Hugo recently, and it is a lot of work to make a great blog theme with all the functionality. So I am resistant to changes my wordpress set-up.

      Beside wordpress restrictions, your design is very inspirational. Thank you so much! Once I managed to integrate some of your ideas, I'll ping you to show you the results.

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        Thank you! It is very nice. When I finish the rest of the pages I’ll send to you the link with all design and assets.

        Do you have experiences customizing wordpress sites?
        Unfortunately not. I’m now learning the frontend and try to implement what I drew. But I can't promise that there will be a good result.

        Once I managed to integrate some of your ideas, I'll ping you to show you the results.
        Great! I will wait.

        I think Wordpress or Hugo is only needed for a blog. The rest of the site may be static html. It’s easier and faster

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    I would prefer more elegant signature font instead of comic sans preferably I would use only 2 fonts combination..Line hight is also inconsistent. And your hero image should be in white background that would merg seamlessly with body color

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      Thank you very much for the comments. I'll work on them.

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    I really like this, and think you did a great job! It's informative and it uses design a proper way: to guide the reader through different pieces of content and helps you scan the page.

    To give you nitpicky feedback:

    • I would left align the subheaders on awards and ways to work with me. Especially on mobile this doesn't align well (in a single column)
    • Personally I would not use text align justify on those small columns either, but opinions differ on that (it's also a great way to accentuate the columns)
    • From a UX perspective, the slider for teams you work with could be replaced for a grid, always showing all the teams and logos, so people see the amazing work you did at once.

    But overall this is at the top 1% of engineers' websites 🏆

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      Hi Robert, thanks for the flattering comments. I’m going to work on your nitpicking Feedback of course. Thank you for taking the time looking at my site and helping me improve the page.

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    Honestly, you’d do just fine with plain html as long as line length and font is readable. I don’t know what your goal is but software engineers are not expected to have design chops so I wouldn’t sweat it. You’ll want to left align your text and make title color consistent with body so they don’t look like links. I’m a designer and i look at all websites in reader mode (strips all styling) .

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