Growth February 11, 2020

Designing for virality?


Do you try to design your SaaS business to have a viral factor? If so:

  • How did you achieve spread?
  • What basic reproduction number have you achieved? Do you measure it?
  • Do you design new features for virality, if so, what techniques do you use?
  • Is going viral one of your primary goals?
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    Um, this really isn’t possible. You would have to be able to predicate trends and fads to a degree that you can actually create them.

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      What if you enable end users to use certain functionality in a viral way? Like a referral system which actually works?

      1. 1

        Sort of like DropBox when it came out?

        1. 1

          What did they do back then?

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              Amazing, just something I was looking for :D

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                @Corstian glad it was helpful! I also found it pretty insightful and wouldn't have even looked for it if it weren't for your posting, so, thank you! 🙂

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