Looking to Partner Up December 17, 2019

Developer Looking for Partner with Business Idea



I have some free time in the next few weeks (though I want to timebox this very carefully) and just don't think any of my ideas are good enough to create a profitable business out of. Looking for the idea person to my technical skills. If we can validate soon enough, will be happy to invest much more time in it. Get in touch with me and let's chat about our future business :)

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    I'm looking for equity cofounders. Please take a look at my venture description and if it sounds interesting feel free to email me:




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    Hey! I have an idea for a start up. I have been in the hospitality industry for about 4 years now and instead of thinking of running or managing my own hotel I have come to a conclusion that I wanna help as many hotels as I can. I have come up with an idea on how to eliminate hours of tasks in the daily operations of hotels especially in the night shift. Please email me if you are interested in co founding it with me. Email: [email protected]

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    Hi Bud - I'm a product manager looking for a developer with SaaS/Web App experience. I've commitment from 3 enterprises and a good shot at top tier accelerator.

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      Hey Sammy, Shoot me an email! [email protected]

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    Hi there!

    I am a UX designer and have an idea that could use a developer, but still needs validation. Basically the premise is that whenever applying to jobs people write cover letters to stand out, in practise it means you write one or two good letters and change the names of people and companies before sending it. It's very painful to make a mistake here and takes a bit of time to do this each time.

    The idea is a website where you can store / edit your letter and add 'tags' within the text. Each time you want to send it somewhere you fill out a basic form containing the tags you've used which then replaces the text ready for you to copy or download. This makes sure you don't make any mistakes and is quicker than manually replacing in a word doc.

    I already have a working prototype, so there is a start and I can take care of the design work. Just need to validate and figure out how to validate. I think this project should be doable in a few weeks, let me know if that's you are interest.


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      Hey Martyn, have you thought about the application of your tech to legal docs (mostly contracts) too?

      I run a recruitment business. So I see the application to cover letters. However, we also create many terms of business and contracts for our contractors which involve essentially editing templated info (yes we recruit UX'ers too 😁).

      I have also signed my life over to various companies as a business owner and I can see they would need a similar service. Not sure of anything else in the market for that purpose?

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    Hi, are you looking for someone with just an idea or someone who knows how to test it against the reality with minimum effort?

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    Hi There,

    Keen to discuss further.