Do you cook?

What about this concept? What you think?


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    No I cheated. I just started dating a girl who loves cooking. I would highly recommend this to all Indie Hackers.

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    Hmmm I think it might be bbeneficial if you were able to make a shopping list of items you need, as you check them off, they auto add to the recipe section. This way I don't have to input that data twice. Just a thought

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      Nice idea, an alternative way for scan OCR. A shopping list . Thanks a lot.

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    I have a business in home cooking space and I've looked at this idea before.

    What I found after speaking to several pro chefs as well as established home cooks is that the app is useless because with almost any recipe ingredients can be skipped, or swapped out for something else.

    So if a recipe needs X, Y and Z ingredients but you only have X, Y and F then the app wouldn't recommend it - even though it may be perfectly possible to make that dish with what you have.

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      I've seen this being solved the other way around. More like "I only have these ingredients available, what can I do with them?" I wonder if you've seen any solution like this :)

      (Disclaimer: Looking for a similar solution for our chefs in kokito.app)

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      You right could be a problem, i'm going to research about algorithm matches.

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    I like the idea. I suspect though, that over time I'd get lazy to manually keep the items in my fridge in sync with the app, and so stop using it. Maybe if it had some OCR based system, where at the end of my weekly grocery run, I can take a picture of the receipt, correct what's not been understood, and I'm done. I'm not sure though if I'd pay for this or not.

    Might be worth creating a landing page and seeing if you can get some traction? If you get some traction, you could hack it out where the image of the receipt gets sent to you, and you manually transcribe it, as well as pull recipes that meet the criteria, etc. Just my 2 cents :)

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      @iman453 thanks for the reply. I've thought and that, but should i think as a high priority to have? Because like you said, could potential be a thing that i get lazy and stop use it. And for OCR, mobile first and what should i use? A Google service, could potentially increase costs...

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        I would talk to a few people to understand if this is a real pain point, and if it is, what is the minimum set of features which would solve that problem. The book 'The mom test' does a good job explaining how to conduct user interviews.

        Once you do have the minimum set of features, I'd try and see if there's any way I can hack them. For eg, if you find OCR is essential, I would not build it out but rather have the image sent to you or a friend, where you can manually transcribe the image. Then maybe run this hacked up version through the users you had spoken to, and others, and see what feedback you get.

        All this is easier said than done :) And I'm still early in my learning journey, so take everything I said with a grain of salt. It's just how I would try to go about it.

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          @iman453 thanks a lot mate for the inputs! Hundred of kudos for you. I really appreciate your inputs, again many thanks.

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