Gumroad September 21, 2020

Do you have a product on Gumroad?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

There's a definite growing trend of indie hackers creating products and making money through Gumroad.

Drop a link to your Gumroad product and satisfy our curiosity by letting us know how it's going.


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    I sell easy-to-setup HTML templates for landing pages and websites.


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      Use the code aktdbmz to get 25% off all templates! 🎉

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    I'm releasing a sci-fi novel on gumroad! Taking a break from writing code :)

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      Hey Andrew, congratulations on your (first?) novel! I was considering selling detailed writing prompt ideas on gumroad. Do you think that would be a good idea? Cheers, Sacha.

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        Thanks! It's my second.

        and I have no idea! Go talk to people! It wouldn't be a good fit for me personally but maybe other people that write like that kind of thing?

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    Hi! I sell my product called Tetrisly. Sketch:

    Tetrisly is Starter kit for design systems and wireframes builder. It's a new approach to organizing libraries in Figma and Sketch. It’s not another useless and unscalable UI Kit. 2500+ components help you create wireframes faster or create a library for a design system.

    I have also a free product (266 icons in 3 sizes)

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    I sell set of customizable, vector illustrations for projects where it’s possible to change colors within seconds to fit the color palette of a brand or a product (around 500 sold within 2 months period).

    Also, I have another product which is in top 5 freebies in Gumroad (around 1 milion downloads within 3 years) it’s for creating flow charts, sitemaps in Sketch, Figma.

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    Sure thing !

    I sell templates with Bulma and Tailwind

    I sold only 1 big package, 80$ bit I am changing the concept.

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    Put Your First Machine Learning Model in the Cloud.

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    Just launched my book last week! All about how to create wonderful content and get it in front of the right people.

    As of writing this, just hit $20k in sales! 🎊


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      You are killing it! Congrats!

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    I am selling my Heroku-like infrastructure guide 👉

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    Self hosted website uptime monitoring service with 50%OFF

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    I created a website to aide product discovery on Gumroad

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    Big fan of Gumroad and I am impressed with a lot of the new features being added. I created a course focused on Learning AWS By Using It. You can also check out the full website on the course here:

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    The biggest UX kit for Web Dev & Design

    promo code 20% off - "sketch20"

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    I started selling an ebook on Gumroad to help people improve their writing—

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    It's about how to create a soccer betting model in a weekend.

    Had some success in the last month's and I made almost 500 USD in revenue from it. Nice side income.

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    Hi. I’m an IT PRO with 20+ years of experience in managing Information Technology departments for big companies.
    My goal now, is to help my fellows with right-to-the-point short e-books.
    As the name suggests, each e-book will take about 10 minutes to read and provides enough information to start using.

    For now my first e-book is still for free because I'm looking for feedback.

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    I have curated a list of 100+ websites of google which can offer you tons of resources in every possible domain. get it here

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    Just launched my very first "thing" yesterday which is a set of Game of Throne icons for your phone. Naturally, I've called it my "Thrones on your phones" project. 🪑📲

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    Night Eye - dark mode browser extension -
    Night Viewer - View Page Source dark mode extension -

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    I have a set of 100 custom Canva templates (blog banners) which I just released:

    I sell a number of products designed to help bloggers on Gumroad and many are free for Blogging Guide subscribers.

    Full Gumroad store:

    As for performance, some of the items rarely sell but are used as premium content for newsletter subscribers (1000+ downloads). As for actual sales I would say around 500 total downloads (non discounted full price).

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    I share my experience as a developer & founder on

    "Career transformation 1-on-1 mentorship" course 👇

    Link 👉

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    Right now I'm selling 2 ebooks (The Ultimate Productivity and Diet Guides) as a way of shipping quick

    • also planning on writing and creating a course on being #ExtraAverage in the gym with a workout program.

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    I wrote a book + screencast series on ADHD.

    (actual landing page:

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    I have Spring Boot and Microservices book that I sold for free. More than 600 people have downloaded the book

    The reason for selling it for free was that I wrote the book back in 2017 and I didn't know gumroad, so I had sold it for free when I had launched in 2017.

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    I'm currently writing an ebook called "Learn Ionic React" - Learn to build cross platform mobile apps using the Ionic Framework and ReactJS.

    You can Pre-Buy here;

    I'm currently a mobile team lead in my company and I lead all projects and the development for all of our mobile apps. I developed a full mobile framework using Ionic and ReactJS. I'm condensing my knowledge and expertise into an information-busting ebook with accompanying files and private videos.

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    Shocker, I do!

    Writing for Software Developers teaches the craft and business of creating technical tutorials for fun and profit.

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    I am selling custom SEO research and analysis reports for $99

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    Just getting started - I've put Dashbloks In-App Analytics Template / UI Kit on Gumroad:

    It is free (name a fair price).

    Started publishing on Twitter, and it is making a difference:

    Got 3 customers so far!

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    Teaching people product management skills to actively recruit your first paying customers

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    I don't have any product on Gumroad but I sell other people's Gumroad product as affiliate.

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    Yes, but it's not selling at all...

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    The complete guide to getting out of debt. (Free for the IH Community).

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    Yep, I sell a database of conversion strategies that help startups get more users and revenue:

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    Using for, a landing page that shows you how to write unignorable web copy.

    👉 So I created a web copywriting crash course for bootstrapping biz owners.

    Copy Ipsum is free and shows you how to structure your copy and gives you basic copywriting guidelines for landing pages / home pages.

    My web copywriting crash course goes deeper. It teaches all the copywriting and psychology basics you need to know so you can write unignorable words that can help you sell more online and attract more profits than a donut shop attracts cops.

    This crash course is based on my experience writing copy both in ad agency roles, as well as for startups I co-founded.

    Launched it in August, didn't promote it much, and so far 26 sales ($1,309 total).

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    SEO Cheat-Sheet [174 Links] 👉

    P.S. IH always gets a special discount - 50% OFF with a code: iloveih

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      Interesting! How is it going so far?

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        Apart from the launch, didn't really promote it. Made 23 sales so far.

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    I am just getting started (, having recently signed up to a lifetime deal on I plan to release relatively low-cost eBooks (pdf/kindle) for English learners - grammar, vocabulary, style guides, examination tips, language learning strategies, in between teaching online.

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    I just started out with Sponsorgap using Gumroad as subscription service (easier to implement fast - maybe will add soon coded checkout via stripe):

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    I have this eBook to enhance skills for DataStructure and Algorithms in JavaScript!

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    Trying my hand at my first course - looking for feedback mainly (and I bet my wife I could sell at least 1 lol)
    Things I learned interacting with people on twitter

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    I've just opened the pre-order of 3 Techniques to Rocket Launch your Twitter Account


    I presented the ebook through a thread on Twitter and and has had a warm welcome 😄

    Already 2 sales!

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    We are using it for Frontendor UI (Create landing pages by copy-paste).

    So far, we sold 70+ copies and got 14 ratings. We are looking to migrate to another platform because Gumroad has one major downside: people can buy without having an account or forcing them to use a real email, and this makes it nearly impossible for us to notify some customers with new updates.

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    AVATARZ - 3D diverse library of avatars ->
    H A N D Z - FREE 3D diverse illustration library of hand gestures -

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    Hello, I have 2 products in Gumroad.🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. "16 different illustrations SVG/PNG format" .This small collection of illustrations, is made by a friend, she is an artist, and I am convicing her to sell on Internet.

    2. "7 tables made with Tailwind CSS for HTML/ReactJS" This is a collection of 7 tables made in Tailwind CSS , I just launched yesterday ,I hope someone find it useful .

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    We started our first Gumroad prodcut (an eBook about product-market fit) 2 weeks ago.

    There's no eBook and I still have to define the content outline. Yet, we've made +50 sales.

    I'm posting more details in the next hour in a separated post on IH ;)

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    Thanks for this post @rosiesherry. We have been considering increasingly to join the Gumroad community for our product too. I guess, we will start off with it at the end of this week.

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    Not yet but i have an account, loads of people using it now and is in trend? Since the recession/pandemic times

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    This one includes a 50% off for fellow IH-ers. It's about learning docker. But not really focusing on it, since my current audience is not really docker oriented. Neither I want it to be. This is my first Gumroad experience, I wanted to check how it goes. Most copies were sold because of this reddit post

    How it's going? Well, I've earned like $150-200, so not bad.

    I don't plan to continue actively selling it, but rather to create an info product that is more aligned with my current audience.

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    I have an ebook for sale at Gumroad, Space Apps for Android.

    I've been using the platform as a creator for less than a couple of weeks, so I don't have much to say on how the product is going other than there have been no sales so far. But the product description doesn't look so bad.

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      Do you use Gumroad Discover? My impression is customers go the other way around, i.e. they land on a Gumroad product page coming from the creator's site or funnel. So the customers don't usually get to see the bazaar.

      I actually thought Discover was relatively unknown.

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        No, I just look on Twitter, everyone and their cousin is selling you something ;)

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          This is not so much a Gumroad issue as something happening online at large. You probably see many Gumroad links as a side effect of the platform being well thought out and picking up steam.

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            Yeah agreed: mine was more of a critique of the content sold on it, rather than the platform's architecture by the way...

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            To me personally it is, because I'm getting inundated with the same "stuff" over and over...
            Too much noise not enough signal

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              Well, then is something personal, an opinion but not a fact.

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                yes, that's why mine is a comment and not an article in the New York times :)

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