May 6, 2019

Do you think surveys/quizzes for lead gen is gimmicky or brilliant?

Gen Furukawa @genfurukawa

Perhaps you've seen these (for example, the first CTA is to take the quiz) or Wordstream has a bunch ( quizzes that ask a variety of questions and usually end with a "where should we send the results?" email opt in.

I think that if done thoughtfully, they can provide mutual value for the user who could get some relevant information in exchange for a data-rich user profile. And for some sites like I Will Teach You To Be Rich, there are many products, so it helps guide the visitor to the most relevant content.

However, if done poorly they can come off as a bait-and-switch that could undermine all future efforts of converting a lead into a customer.

What are your thoughts on these quizzes? Have you had any success using them, or seen sites that have done them well?

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    They work, but have to be relevant and short.

    This is similar to my company We use a simple form to gather business information from leads and run it through an business case model to estimate the value of buying a product.

  2. 1

    I think they work :)
    By making the right questions you qualify leads and also increase your credibility to their eyes because you show that you know the problem. (If you make the "right questions" of course...)