Education Games - Nonprofit?

Hey guys, just joined the community here and thought I'd run an idea by you.

Educational video games (specifically simulation-based learning) lead to improved engagement, problem solving skills, and learning outcomes for students. I want to help educators harness this powerful tool.

I'm looking into forming a non-profit that helps teachers bring video games to the classroom.

Specifically, we would provide K-12 teachers with:

  • Educational, simulation-based learning games
  • Complete lesson plans on various topics at different grade levels
  • Professional development workshops for how to integrate games into the classroom

I know this might be a little different for this community since this is a non-profit, but looking for feedback on the concept as well as any ideas on how to effectively make connections with teachers and schools.


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    Hi guys! When I was studying in College our educational program was lack of educational games for students. It was a big problem both for the educational system and for teachers who wanted to improve students' problem-solving skills. Instead of it, teachers always involved us in different student clubs. Such as writing articles for student's newspapers. It was quite difficult for me to write 3 articles per week, that is why I always contacted www.nursingpaper.com which helped me write unique texts for school newspapers. It is a very convenient way for everyone who is not a good content writer

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    It looks like a great startup. Oh, it would've been so great if I had something like that when I was studying at school. Now I'm playing other kinds of games (like that https://newslotgames.net/megaway.html). It really would improve pupils engagement . Good luck.

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    Hi Forrest! This seems very cool and we're working on something similar. Will write to you to explore synergies.

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      thanks for the follow, btw. :)

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