Meta January 11, 2021

Excessive cross-posting

Paolo Amoroso @PaoloAmoroso

Today I've seen a post cross-posted to 8 Indie Hackers groups. It's not the first time there have been so many cross-posts.

Any good reason for cross-posting to more than 2-3 groups?

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    I believe I removed those, can you confirm? If it's more than 2 I usually remove unnecessary ones.

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      Thanks, I confirm the extra ones are gone.

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    Occupy space in the feed, make sure to be noticed.
    Get a chance to be sent as an e-mail to group's subscribers.

    I'm not sure how it works but this pops up every time joining to a group.

    Would you like to subscribe to community digest emails so you can receive updates about new posts in this group?

    And there is no drawbacks except perceived as spam to vocal-minority :)

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      I'd definitely say it's spammy and disrespectful towards the community. Seems like a scummy marketing tactic rather than genuinely trying to provide value.

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        Agreed. As your comment suggests, we mostly aware of that spammy actions, yet it seems okay to have that. Since not enough people raise their voice on the topic.

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          Sorry, I may have misunderstood your original reply then. I was under the impression that you're in favour of these tactics 😄

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            I read it back and get the same impression. My bad, no worries.

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      Yeah, drawing, um, extra attention did come up as a possible reason 😀

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        Whenever I click those posts, I click to report. If the author convey the message just through their headline. It sticks. Mission Accomplished.

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    People are desperate for a little bit of visibility, it's crazy.

    A few months ago I joined a telegram group with IHers and I was shocked that people were PMing me asking for upvote and comment. Like really, why would you try to gamify IH, It makes no sense.

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      Yeah, I've noticed that in pretty much all creator venues.

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    I must say, sometimes I wish to be able to post the same topic to multiple groups.
    Example: this post was best suited for the GumRoad community but it has ~100 members, so it went to another post.

    As a subscriber to the newsletter, it would also be valuable to generate increased attention to the posts that share a lot of the communities I am in.

    So maybe one could have the capacity to post to 1 of the main communities (+1K followers) and 3 or 4 smaller ones, just as tags work...

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      I haven't seen any noticeable different in reach or engagement in posting to Indie Hackers groups with under 1-200 members vs the main feed.

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