February 12, 2019

[ASK IH] What do you use to make screencasts?


[ASK IH] What do you use to make screencasts?
Hello indiefellas,
I finally realized that I have to make videos of the product and how to use it and ask if you can recommend some service (or app). The ideal service or app would:

  1. cost no more than $10 / month
  2. allow me to make videos of any length
  3. be very easy to install, setup, and run
  4. have embedded API or feature to transforming text to speech but it's okay if it doesn't.
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    Potentially, OBS could be a good fit. It's free and cross-platform.
    Primarily designed for streaming, but could be used for screencasting as well.
    1, 2, 3 is presented but 4 is not

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      Thanks for reminding me of this app.

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      I second for Open Broadcaster Software, although it's a bit of pain to setup. Not the user-friendliest software.

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    Screenflick is my goto tool for this (https://www.araelium.com/screenflick-mac-screen-recorder). Easy to use, great exporting options, ability to adjust cursor/clicks after recording...etc.

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      Thanks! I will check it.

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    If you're on Mac, QuickTime has an inbuilt Screen Recorder

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      I have Mac but it's not my main computer. I will try it too, anyway, thanks!

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        If your main computer is Windows 10, then you can try the "Game Bar" and see if you can record that way.
        Activate with Win+G, details can be found under settings
        Haven't tried it myself yet.

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          Hehe, thanks, I'm a dinosaur sticking to Win7 :)))

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    I use https://screencast-o-matic.com. It works fine for marketing and training videos.

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      I tried it some time ago. I had the impression I could not record videos of any length or there were some other restrictions.

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        I've recorded a bunch of 4-8 minute videos but haven't tried anything longer. It's really simple but it's all I need (and is only $18 per year). I also use a Blue snowball microphone.

        Videos are hit or miss for me. Sometimes it takes a dozen tries to get it the way I want and the next try I'm done in one take. I've found that making a script helps even if I don't always use it.

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          Sounds good... I will check it again, thanks!

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    Hi Zencentric!

    Try this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/loom-video-recorder-scree/liecbddmkiiihnedobmlmillhodjkdmb?hl=en

    • 5 stars on the chrome web store
    • Unlimited recording time
    • Uploaded to the cloud with a shareable url
    • Desktop recording

    I use iShowYouInstant ($$$), but reading about Loom now might make me switch :)


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      This looks very promising, thanks!

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    I use OBS and Shotcut and have found both to be powerful, easy to use and easy to extend. Both are free and cross-platform.

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      I have never heard about Shotcut, I will check it, thanks!

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    There are a few browser extensions that most of that, get searching. They're all great as general tools, but I find myself wanting more from these extensions which is why I'm writing my own. To name a few I want:

    • Automatic Transcription, Captions and Translation.
    • Talking-Head mode - when I'm not demonstrating the UI I want the webcam overlay to take up the majority of the screen.
    • Automatic "sequencing" of clips so that I can record a generic intro and have that automatically spliced into a longer clip. This means I can do really nice custom videos, ie: "Hello Zencentric, thanks for signing up to the Beta, happy to see a fellow Indie Hacker interested in video sales" .... and then cut to a canned demo or sales pitch.

    I'm building this to sell my product Flow VRP. If you're interested ping me a reply here and we can chat :)

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      Thanks! I will think about your app :)

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        No worries. Loom, Screencastify and VidYard are all good extensions to use

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    If you're on mac, checkout kap (https://getkap.co/). It's free and open source and should tick off all your requirements except 4.

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      I have never heard about this app, thanks!

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        I wonder very much what makes somebody downvote my confession that I don't know something? ;-)

        Upd! It's not a confession. Somebody just came and downvoted all my replies (not only mine actually)! What a silly person :)))))))

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